I've been yelled at by several people close to me for not mentioning this, but I didn't want to come off as "patting myself on the back." I am really proud of it, and humbled by it, so I guess it's time. Please excuse me for bragging….

About a week ago, I was awarded a "Friend Of Education" citation from the The School Administrators Association of New York State (SAANYS).

This is in recognition for work done on the Reading, Writing and Rhyming tour related to character education (anti-bullying messages and the like).  Here is what is on my mantle at home as we speak.

SAANYS award rrr
photo by Richie

Am I proud of it? You're damn right! But I have many to thank.  Special thanks to Dr. Phil Fusco of the Academy for Character Education at the Sage Colleges for getting me involved with the character education initiative in the first place.

Second "thank you" goes out to Principal Joby Gifford at Jefferson Elementary School in Rotterdam for nominating me, and to everyone at SAANYS as well.

And finally, to every teacher and student that I've met along the way in my 18 years of doing this. Thank you for letting me into your classrooms and working with you. It has been and continues to be the most rewarding thing I think I've ever done!

If you'd like to hear some samples, please click below.

Ok, I'm done bragging.  Time to get back to earth and take out the garbage (and clean the cat box).

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