Today is National Book Lovers Day!

Usually I pass these national day headlines without even blinking.  I mean, there is a day for everything now.  But, National Book Lovers Day actually made me stop and think - When was the last time I read a book?  I mean a real book.  I read a lot, on line, fantasy football magazines, but a book!

Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images
Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images

This caught my attention because just a couple weeks ago I was saying that I miss reading books.  I used to sit on my porch and read in the summer over my vacation.  I mean I would really get lost in a book.  Now it seems like my vacations are taken up by lawn work, house repairs…but I digress.  Books!

The last book I read cover to cover, that wasn't a kids book I read to Caden, was “Next” by Michael Creighton and that was in 2012.  Imagine?

So, in honor of National Book Lovers Day, I am going to actually sit on my porch and read after work.  As the rules for this day are: Find your favorite reading spot and read the day away.  Part 1 - I choose my porch, Part 2-  What book to choose?  Anne Rice, Dan Brown, Stephen King or Michael Creighton?  I’ll let you know after I dust off the book shelf.

What will you read today?

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