Intuitive Medium Deborah has been a friend of Brian and Chrissy in the Morning for years and every once in a while we have her do free readings for some of our listeners. This time, it was Renee from Amsterdam who wanted to connect with her ex-husband who had recently passed. Whenever we have Intuitive Medium Deborah on the show, she showcases her talents of connecting with loved ones from the other side. This time Deborah was asked, by Renee, to connect with her ex-husband.

Deborah did not disappoint. She touched on things that only Renee would know and honed in on how Renee could help her kids cope with the loss of their dad. Listen to Renee's reading.

Come see Intuitive Medium Deborah on Wednesday, March 18th at 7pm at the Cohoes Music Hall for the "In the Presence of Proof" gallery. For details, tickets and information click HERE.

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