Steal A Base, Steal A Taco Is Back
The World Series starts tonight and if your team didn't make it, at least you can root for any one of the players to steal a base. When it happens, you will get a free taco from Taco Bell.
Kip Moore: Unfiltered, Exhausted and Unedited (Part 1)
Chrissy and I have been incredibly fortunate to interview some of country music's biggest stars over the years and Kip Moore has consistently been one of our favorites.  Moore is real, honest, authentic, and once you get him in comfortable place he'll literally answer anything you throw out there.  …
Headless Horseman: Expensive And Scary As Hell
On Saturday night, my girlfriend Samantha and I went down to Ulster Park (Kingston basically) and did the Headless Horseman hayride and the other scary stuff they do at the #1 rated haunted attraction in America.  We actually enjoy it very much, and don't mind the hour plus long drive.  It's become …

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