Uncle Sam Parking Garage in Troy Closed For Good
You won't be able to park in the Uncle Sam Parking Garage in Troy anymore. The city has deemed it unsafe. Starting today it will be closed indefinitely due to inspections that have been done by Troy Code Enforcement and the engineering departments.
Lake George Has Harmful Algal Bloom-Is it Safe to Swim?
In the past, Lake George's Million Dollar beach has been closed due to high levels of E.coli on the beach and in the water. Now there is an algal bloom that could be harmful to swimmers or threaten local drinking water. The Department of Environmental Conservation is running tests to determine …
Your Phone Will Warn You of Damaging Capital Region Storms
There will be a new warning that comes directly to your cell phone from the National Weather Service. We already get a typical thunderstorm warning directly to our phones and now the National Weather Service is keeping us more informed. They have created a new level of thunderstorm warnings that hav…
Gov Cuomo Calls Out 4 Cap Region Zip Codes-Low Vaccination Rates
Governor Cuomo is calling out New York state cities and towns that have the lowest vaccination rates. He wants to get everyone in New York state vaccinated to keep the COVID-19 rates down. There are one hundred seventeen zip codes that he called out with most of them being in the New York City area
Colonie and Rotterdam Little League to Battle in NYS Championship
Ever since I was a kid, I had a fascination with the Little League World Series.  I remember being around 11 or 12-years-old and playing for the National Little League All-Star team thinking that maybe we had a chance to play in Williamsport, PA in front of 30,000 fans and a national TV audienc…
Selkirk Animal Caught on Trail Cam Too Big to be a Bobcat?
A video of what appears to be a rather large cat,  marking its territory in the backyard of a residential neighborhood, was caught on a trail cam and shared by a Selkirk man recently.  This thing is enormous and caught my attention because it was re-shared by News Channel 13 meteorologist …

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