Fortune 500 Company Hiring Hundreds from Albany Area
If you or someone you know is looking for a job, want to start a new career,  or want to make some additional income as a seasonal employee,  then you may want to look into the massive hiring-spree announced recently.
UPS, a company that ranks in the top 50 on the Fortune 500 list of the largest earn…
Couple Gets Hitched at Albany Car Dealership
Here comes another story to remind us that life and times during the pandemic of 2020 means that zero should surprise us and that nothing should get in our way.
A couple unable to get their marriage certificates fast enough in New York City, were married over the weekend at an Albany used car dealers…
Saratoga County Extends Bike/Walk Trail
The biking and walking trails throughout the Capital Region extend for miles. Now they extend even father into Saratoga County. This allows for Capital Region residents to enjoy miles of trails for safe activities.
Guptill's Featured on National Show
As a kid, in the '80s, my sisters and I used to go to Guptill's Skating Arena every weekend. It was really cool to see that rollerskating is making a come back and a national show highlighted our very own Guptill's that is the oldest running rink in America.
Love Cowboy: She's Upscale and He's Dollar-Store
Gwenyth in Averil Park writes:
I'm 37 years old, been divorced for about 8 years and dating a guy that I really like.  We started seeing each other right be COVID hit and what I like about him is that he's a very simple man.  He's not into anything fancy, he's not high m…
Move to Aruba for a Workcation
If you are dreading the colder weather and want to get away from the restrictions of the pandemic, you may be able to go to paradise to work. Here are the details on how you can work in beautiful Aruba.
Chrissy Finds Dad's Cut-Out at Mets Game [PICS]
We bought a cut-out for my dad to be at the Mets home games this season and thought we would never be able to see him. Well on Saturday, while I was watching the game, low and behold I saw my dad's cut-out. Check out the screenshots that I captured.
Love Cowboy: All the Fall Things
One of our favorite things to do with Love Cowboy is to listen to his various redneck interpretations of standard, normal everyday things.  So every few months, we allow him to spout off on topics that have nothing to do with relationships. He's done this before with COVID terms, political terms, an…

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