Listener "Wowed" By Intuitive Medium Deborah's Reading
Intuitive Medium Deborah has been a friend of Brian and Chrissy in the Morning for years and every once in a while we have her do free readings for some of our listeners. This time, it was Renee from Amsterdam who wanted to connect with her ex-husband who had recently passed.
Kristi From The TU 'Amazed' By Deborah Reading
We love our weekly segment (Thursdays at 7:05) with Kristi Gustafson Barlette from the Times Union.  She's feisty, opinionated, always a good sport and best of all, super skeptical.  We thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if we had Intuitive Medium Deborah do a re…
Little Free Library: Take a Book, Return a Book [PHOTO]
I love to read. Nothing beats opening a new book, being taken on a new journey that you otherwise wouldn't be able to experience. I love walking through the library, reading a book and then returning it to share with others. While on a run in my neighborhood, I realized I didn't have to ac…
'Twas the Night Before Countryfest... [A Poem]
The hours and minutes and seconds are counting down to the big day: COUNTRYFEST. I've been watching everyone around me running around this building like it's Christmas time. Anxiously preparing for show time and it got me thinking...

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