Looking for something to do with your children at home? The Schenectady Police Department is doing its part to help!

The Schenectady Police Department announced on their Facebook page yesterday that they were starting a new series for children. They will be reading one of their favorite children's books on Facebook Live each day at 1:00pm.

They said on Facebook, "During these times of uncertainty we understand that the world can seem scary, especially to our younger children. As police officers, one of our favorite things to do each week is read to our grade schoolers and talk about what's important to them. We don't want to change that, even though we might be apart for a little while."

Now, your child will not only look forward to hearing a great children's story each day but it's also a way for your children to get familiar with their local law enforcement. This is a great way for children to see that our police officers aren't scary. So far, they've only done two that I can see so you're not too far behind!

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