I don't want to blab on and on here. The song says it all.  There are more than 85 visuals and 440 words in the lyrics. Have no fear, it take only 3 minutes and 9 seconds to view.

This is my 2015 Year In Review song. I hope you enjoy it.  

My only other comment before you view this is that I am proud to say this is the 27th "Time Is Marching On" song I have written, spanning every year that I have done morning radio.  I don't know how many more years are in the cards for me at this point, but it continues to be one hell of a ride, and I thank each and every one of you for your loyalty to not only me but to Sean, Bethany, Dave and all at WGNA.  I wish you a very safe and happy 2016, and special congrats to two very special people, my incredible son Ben and equally incredible almost daughter-in-law Colleen on their upcoming wedding in early January! OK, I promised I wouldn't blab, ladies and germs….here it is (lyrics beneath the video).

     Time Is Marching On 2015

(based on "When Johnny Comes Marching Home") 
Lyrics ©2015 Richie Phillips   All Rights Reserved
Oh yes, my friend- once again
Time is Marching On
2015 has split the scene,
Another year is gone,
And now it's time to put into rhyme
All the events that come to mind
When we look back on the year that's come and gone-
Check out the price of gas over there
It's affecting my stocks- that's not fair
 It's going down to two bucks a gallon –
 For comic relief I watch Jimmy Fallon
The persecuted feel frustration
Hittin' the road mass migration
Where's the best place to calm their fear?
The Donald says "They ain't comin here"
Waiting in line for the new iPhone
Maybe someday it will come by drone
Kim is a mommy, she's elated
Tom Brady's ego got deflated
Jared Vogel, evidence mounting
How 'bout Josh from "19 Kids and Counting"?
 Mr. Cosby, America's dad
Should I rhyme all the women he supposedly had?
(Its only a two minute song!)
Greece is bankrupt -poor country it owe's billions
Who's the bigger big liar
Volkswagon or Brian Williams?
(Hmmmm, let me think about that!)
New health claims that they're makin'
Want to die early?  Eat some bacon!
Here's something that made you go nuts
 Ariana Grande lickin' donuts?
Bindy Erwin Dancing with the Stars
Hey, the found water on Mars
Rachael let me get this right
You say you're black but you're white?
Someone jumped the white house fence
Miley cyrus wear some pants
Apple vs Taylor Swift
Republicans and Democrats - constant rift
The Donald wants DC
and if he does real, real well
The White House could be
the world's next 5 star Trump hotel
(Don't tell that to my wife - I feel her pain!)
Then there's New York politics,
We have a couple of sneaky fellas
Corruption makes you sick
Hi-oh,  Silver- Bye Bye Skelos
The dentist and the lion, is he ill?
$750 for a pill?
Most fascinating person, Caitlyn Jenner
Where the hell's the snow this winter?
Terrorism, constant fear,
and let's not forget those we've lost this year…
Wes Craven, directed "Scream"
Yogi, star of the Yankee's team,
Bobbi Kristina what a shod,
Leonard Nimoy, he was Spock,
Mario, the greatest speaker in the world ,
Judy Carne, the "sock it to me" girl,
Frank Gifford, football great,
Little Jimmy Dickens, a guy you couldn't hate,
B B King, man, the King of the Blues,
These are all people you hated to lose ,

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