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Great Escape Retires Nostalgic 80’s Attraction
Some people who have already been to the Great Escape in Lake George this spring have snapped photos of this nostalgic attraction, hoping to preserve a childhood memory.  Right now it just looks as if it's "temporarily closed," but this oldie but goodie is permanently ret…
Lip Smackin’ Rensselaer Burger Voted Top 4 in New York
This might just be one of the best looking pub burgers I've ever seen.   Check out that cheese as it oozes down those enormous strips of candied bacon, blanketing the sirloin, chuck and porterhouse beef, all the while held together by that toasty, buttery brioche roll.
This local burger made it all t…
Jump Into Clifton Park Pools This June
If you live in the Town of Clifton Park, you will have a community pool to bring your family beginning in June. Last year pools were limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year officials are optimistic that they will be able to have a full season. However, there are some setbacks.
My Niece's Graduation Without Pomp & Circumstance
There are many things finally opening up and mask restrictions being lifted but some things are still not quite back. Although there was a ceremony of sorts, my niece graduated from Plattsburgh State without anyone to be able to cheer her on in person.
NYS DEC: Kill and Report This Threat to Syrup, Apples and Beer
Maple syrup, apples, and beer - yes beer - could be compromised if an invasive pest finds it way onto more trees and plants throughout New York State, including the Capital Region.
The NYS DEC recently warned New Yorkers about the seasonal return of the Spotted lanternfly (SLF) which is an invasive p…
Saratoga County Cumby’s Sold 60K Take 5 Ticket
The Capital Region has had our fair share of big payout Take 5 winners in recent months, and another jackpot winner popped on Thursday night and it was sold in Saratoga County.   So check your Take 5 lottery ticket, you might be be sitting on some pretty serious money right now, and not even know it…
My Favorite Farmers' Market Opens Saturday
The Capital Region and surrounding towns have the best farmers' markets and roadside stands anywhere. There is one farmer's market that I look forward to each season and it's opening this weekend.

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