Losing weight seems to take so much longer than gaining it, doesn’t it?  Becoming healthier and getting in enough exercise takes effort and work, but you don’t have to become a superhero to make it happen.  A few small lifestyle changes are all you really need to lose weight gradually – and they’re also the key to long term success. Focus on Adding the Good, Not Subtracting the Bad

One of the biggest issues with dieting is people try to deny themselves all of the foods they would normally would eat.  If you subtract the “bad” foods from your diet, you end up wanting them even more.  Try focusing on all of the foods you can eat instead of worrying about what you can’t have: add in healthy fruits and vegetables and make an effort to eat healthier meals.  You will probably find you will want the “bad” foods less over time if you are concentrating on adding healthier foods every day.

I’ve lost about 60 pounds over the last two years (okay, ten has come back, but it still counts!) and I figured out that weight loss for me is 80% eating right, and 20% exercise.  Eat smaller servings of healthier foods more frequently – and you’ll start to feel better and see the change on the scale.

Make an Effort to Move More

You don’t have to get crazy about exercise in order to benefit from more physical activity.  Take a walk on your work breaks or lunch hour, park further away from the stores, maybe use a push mower instead of riding a tractor, and take the stairs instead of the elevator.  It doesn’t seem like these small lifestyle changes would matter, but they make a difference over time.  Look for opportunities throughout the day to fit in more movement be conscious of it, and you’ll burn more calories than usual.

Cleaning your house?  Turn the music up and turn it into an aerobic activity!  Making dinner for the family? Do some lunges across the kitchen.  Sure, you’ll feel ridiculous, but all that matters is you’re helping your body burn calories.

Choose to take the kids to laser tag or play a game of kickball in the backyard instead of going to the movies.  Consciously choose physical activities over sedentary activities daily, and you’ll improve your metabolism’s ability to do its job.  You don’t always have to go to the gym in order to get your heart rate up.

As a writer, I was spending many hours at a desk every day.  I built a desk over the treadmill, and now I spend a couple hours a day walking while I work!  You maybe can't bring a treadmill to the office, but look for ways you can increase your activity level while doing the things you already do every day.

What are some ways that you can increase your daily physical activities?