When you're sick, you obviously want to get better. You do what you think you need to and wait for whatever to pass. When it doesn't pass, the next step is pretty obvious and was the first step I took once my health insurance kicked in. It seemed like every time I ate, every meal, every snack, every treat I was feeling more and more ill. I initially thought it was stress related because when I started back in February was when my life was in transition between jobs. The concern came as it was three or four months later and it was still lingering.

I got myself to my doctor and after everything was explained to him and a couple tubes of blood were taken he said, "it's time to try a gluten free diet!" Apparently when they do the blood test for celiac disease it can come back a false negative, so no matter what, I needed to try it.

I left there in a bit of a panic: 1) what if that's not the problem? 2) what am I going to eat since basically everything has gluten? Then, I was told "Get to Aldi."

Aldi in Colonie, Marissa

So, Friday I left work a little early and headed to the new Aldi off of Central Avenue in Colonie. I placed my quarter in my rental cart and headed in anxious to see what I would find. Thankfully, Aldi "gets" it. When you head to the normal grocery store, they have a gluten free section - check the prices, it ain't pleasant. There isn't much to it either, which is disappointing. I do realize, now almost two weeks into eating gluten free that it requires a lot of label reading and knowing what to stay away from: wheat being a big "no, no."


I asked for some guidance and James happily obliged, pointing me to a couple spots in the store that I could find a number of items and the logo to be looking out for as well. 

Aldi in Colonie, Gluten Free Marissa

The fact that Aldi has their own gluten free branding to go along with low prices is incredibly helpful. If you're like me and this is all new to you, this is a great first spot to go to get the basics. I'm in the process of studying up and finding what to stay away from, gluten free recipes and planning lunches. While I'm still not 100% on if this is actually my issue, it does seem to be helping a bit, thankfully. If you know of any places that specialize in gluten free or have any recipes I should try, please feel free to email me at: Marissa@wgna.com

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