January 1st hit and so many people were like, "I need to get to the gym!" "My New Years resolution is to lose the weight!"

That's great and I applaud anyone that is still fighting the treadmill on the regular because it can be a lot easier to put it off and quit the routine than it is to keep it. But, the one thing you do need to stop doing? Putting yourself on that scale.

Any time anyone tells me they're so upset that the number hasn't changed or has gone up I have to remind them, "muscle weighs more than fat!" And it's true! Don't believe me? This photo blew my mind! Check out this transformation and see the weights to go along with it...

Absolutely amazing! The number on your scale is really just that, a number. If you're doing the hard word and eating right, your progress will show physically, rather than numerically.

This woman, Adrienna Osuna has her own website to document her journey. She's doing 5k, 10k, marathons, she's lifting, eating a specific amount of proteins and carbs after plenty of years of "yo-yo" dieting, as she's called it. These are the kinds of people that are truly inspiring to me. I hope that if you've struggled a bit, maybe this has given you the push that you've needed!


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