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CDC: Pandemic Creating Bolder, More Aggressive Rats
As many Capital Region restaurants have been forced to provide hungry customers with mostly take-out service, a certain scavenging scoundrel has been under served and according to the CDC, might be getting more and more aggressive.  This underserved population: rats.  The CDC is warning people that …
Love Cowboy Tries to Reboot Tech Moron
Kay in Glens Falls writes:
My husband has been working from home and it's amazing how much he relies on me to help him out with technology so he can stay plugged in. As the demands of his job have changed, I'm like his personal IT person. I help him launch Zoom and other things that pertain to Power …
Watch Chrissy's Mom Make The Crusher Drink
In order to stay busy during the coronavirus lockdown, my mom has become quite the bartender. She is mixing up different drinks and showing you how to make them. It all started as a paint and sip without painting and now she has made over a dozen drinks.
Love Cowboy Helps Couple's Political Discourse
Tyra in Niskayuna writes:
My husband has always been someone who keeps an eye in politics, and certainly has his opinions.  Until now, it's never got in the way of our relationship.  I have my views and he has his, but during the pandemic things have changed.  I feel like many of our discussions abou…
Watch Out For Fake Coupons Online
There are thousands of deals online and it is getting harder to tell which are real and which are fake. Now that we are spending more time online during the lockdown. here's what you should be aware of.
GNA's "Unboxing 3" Happening Thursday Morning
As long as all you local businesses keep sending us packages, we'll keep opening em up!  Make sure to watch Brian and Chrissy's next "Local Business Unboxing" to see the variety of goods and gifts that we'll be opening up from local and small businesses. Once op…
Love Cowboy Bears Down on Bratty Ex
Riley in Schenectady emailed the show looking for some advice on how to get her ex-boyfriend to stop acting like such a brat.  According to Riley, he disrespects her on social media and has even gone as far as badmouthing her to her co-workers.  Love Cowboy has zero time for this nonsense.
Watch Chrissy's Mom Make May Birthday Drink
My mom celebrated a milestone birthday this month. She turned 75 and wanted to highlight everyone celebrating a birthday in May. She decided to do another paint and sip episode (without the paint) of a drink for those celebrating May birthdays.
Troy Farmers Market Taking Online Orders
The Troy Waterfront Farmers Market, thought by many as the premiere farmers market in the Capital Region, is now offering online orders and contactless pick-up two times a week.  This comes as great news to many of those wanting to support this tremendous farmers market.
Love Cowboy Tries Saving Floundering Friendship
Hayley in Schodack emailed the show looking for some advice regarding a friendship that has been dissolving ever since the lockdown started.  Her best friend, a pet groomer, is contemplating illegally opening up shop despite Hayley advising against it.  Hayley says her friend is questionin…

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