Country star Lauren Alaina continues to impress judges and fans of Dancing with the Stars and she's made the cut down to the final 6. But it hasn't been an easy path for "The Road Less Traveled" singer as she tells GNA that she's battled exhaustion, mental as well as physical stress, and broken ribs on her way to potential mirror ball glory.

In this exclusive interview with Brian and Chrissy in the morning on GNA, hear Alaina discuss how rigors of touring don't compare to the grind of dwts.  In a very open and honest moment hear Alaina talk about the weight loss she attributes to the show.  While on one hand she loves that people are impressed with the 25 pounds she lost since starting DWTS, she's quick to point out that her own struggles with a prior eating disorder make all the talk about her 'new look' somewhat bittersweet. On a much lighter note, she remains incredibly humble about her dancing ability, but she readily admits that there is one 'spicy'  person on the show she knows she's better than.

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