Big Discounts For Bike Sharing Program
Last summer, the Capital Region bike share program was launched and after a very successful season, they are offering big discounts to riders who are ready to sign up for the spring and summer of 2018.
Getting My Steps In At Disney
Even though I will be on vacation, I will be getting a ton of exercise in. We always try to keep track of how much we walk when we visit Disney. We will do the same this trip too.
Pole Dancing Fail [Watch]
So pole dancing continues to be a fun fitness fad for fearless women everywhere.
They go to classes, they practice, they even install poles in their homes!
Like this poor girl.  She just wanted to record herself doing one of the routines she must have practiced for hours - I mean pole dancin'…
Multi Tasking At It’s Best – The Treadmill Desk
Life has become one story after another about the need to multi task - hurry up and get things done!
We eat while we drive, we talk on the phone while we drive, OR when we walk down the street.  We bring our lap tops into a lunch café to work on our lunch BREAK...

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