I'm totally guilty! I'll pretty much use any reason not to work out! My personal favorites are..."I'm so tired" "I just didn't have time" and "I went hard yesterday... maybe I should take today off to rest."

And if I'm being honest with myself... they're pretty much all excuses. But, man, am I tired right now!

I'm not alone! Good news. A new survey found the 10 most common reasons people give for not exercising.

  1. No time. (ahh-hah!)
  2. No motivation. (Please see Carrie Underwood's legs)
  3. Too tired. (Ohhhh, gurl I know!)
  4. Bad weather. (I mean there is like a foot of snow on the ground in April!)
  5. Don't like exercising.
  6. No money.
  7. The gym is too busy.
  8. No one to work out with.
  9. The gym is too intimidating.
  10. A bad day at work.

Which one is your favorite?

Courtesy of Paula Bronstein, Getty Images.