You want to talk about the lowest of the lowest of the low?  They are scammers - people who especially use a tragedy to attempt to profit off it.  I can't BELIEVE that I even have to spread the word about this, but as a public service....

According to, they're out there.  They are Boston Marathon charity websites.  Now don't get wrong - I'm sure there are legitimate ones out there.  That's what makes this even more sad, because now this is going to make your more hesitant to trust any of them.  However, I want to warn you.

If you see,, , or, they are bogus.  Actually, I tried all of them and they don't lead anywhere.  In fact if you got the first one, this is what you get.  I guess this domain name is now available again, but I'm sure they will check who's applying.

Screen Shot

What kind of thinking, breathing person starts dreaming up scams like these - and moments after a tragedy, no less?

I've gotta go calm down, folks.  Sorry.

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