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Onlookers Marvel at Possible UFO in Utica [Video]
Video of some bright objects moving through the sky in Deerfield, NY (8 miles northeast of Utica) has onlookers baffled, and and a UFO website wondering what exactly it was.  In the 3 minute video filmed on October 29th, the group of onlookers marvel at the their night time discovery with "oohs…
King-Sized Sinkhole Swallows Troy Street
In what looked liked a scene out of "2020, The Movie," a street in Troy appeared to split wide open on Monday afternoon after a water main break caused damage to the intersection of King and Jacob Streets in the Collar City.
Probing the Purple Pumpkin's Purpose
We've all heard of the Purple Heart, The Color Purple (great movie starring Oprah), Purple Rain, The Purple People Eaters, and even the less popular (and quite painful) purple nurple.  But this Halloween, if you see a purple pumpkin on someone's porch, it doesn't mean they've had it out so long that…
Drunk Bus Driver Detours for Breakfast at McDonalds
A drunk New York bus driver who stopped at a McDonald's to get some breakfast on Friday morning - with students on board -  has been arrested. A student on the bus who recorded the incident, has footage of the driver who is heard telling them, "Don't tell nobody!"
Colonie Police Investigate Stolen Firetruck
It's 2020 so nothing could possibly shock us, right?  Well then you shouldn't be too surprised to learn that police are on the hunt to find out who stole...wait for it... a firetruck.
Town of Colonie Police are looking for information that can lead them to the person or persons responsible for the he…
Upstate Bigfoot Sightings Alarmingly Down During Pandemic
It's pretty well documented on social media that people are spending more time in the woods during the pandemic. Heck, I've been out in the woods a bunch of times - most of that looking for golf balls that I've driven into the trees - but you get my point...
Voicemails From Mama: Father's Days Gift Gone Astray
The weekly segment called "Voicemails from Mama" took a very interesting turn on Wednesday morning.  Coming off of Father's Day weekend, I made no bones about the fact that my Dad and I didn't exchange gifts.  I explained to Chrissy on the air that just a few weeks earlier, I hooked Papa C…
Not Kosher: VT Highway Worker Pelted w Pickle
A Vermont highway worker was just doing his job when he told local police that he was pelted by something as cars whizzed by.  According to police, the man was pegged by a prodigious pickle.  Jarred by the incident, the Vermont highway worker has taken it up with local police, and charged …
Baby Moose on Loose in Waterford (Video)
I traveled all the way to Yellowstone National Park to see a sight like this!  A beautiful baby moose was captured on video gallivanting through the Waterford-Halfmoon area this morning.  It appears to be have been spotted in a residential neighborhood.

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