You get a phone call and the number is so close to yours, it's crazy. The same area code, the same first three numbers, it's so weird! Here's what's happening.

The calls have been going on for months now and it's so annoying. What's happening is that they're using a number similar to yours because it's familiar to you. Their research has proven that when it's a number so close to your own, you're more inclined to answer because of either curiosity or just plain familiarity. The problem is, they're just scammers.

BroBible is reporting that these numbers actually belong to people impersonating the IRS, claiming to collect a debt, utility company representatives or even local police departments. Be careful, these numbers are not who they say they are and you shouldn't give them your personal information. The Better Business Bureau has also said to not respond to anything because they could use your voice against you. You can always add your name to the Do Not Call Registry but that only works with telemarketers and not scam callers.

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