There are scams everywhere we look. During this busy holiday shopping season, here are some ways to identify if what you are buying, shipping or participating in are scams. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up fast, keep your eyes open for these ways that scammers are trying to trick you out of your holiday money. According to WKBW, you can never be too careful especially around this time of year.

There are many copy cat type websites that have one or two words that are different to make you think you are on the real website. Be on the look out for fake sites that have altered URLs. Also, always use a credit card instead of a debit card for online purchases. They are more secure.

The newer scam is fake shipping notifications. Don't be tempted to click on them, they may contain attachments and links that will download software to steal personal information.

Watch out for fake charities. Scammers like to take advantage of the giving season. Beware of fake charity emails, social media pages and texts. You can always verify a charity at

If you aren't sure if you are being scammed, you are urged to contact the Better Business Bureau to check and to report a scam.

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