With more and more people online shopping because of the coronavirus pandemic and now with the holidays around the corner, you are being warned of an uptick in online shopping scams. Here's what to be looking for. According to WIVB.com, the Better Business Bureau wants to make sure that online shoppers are aware of sites they are visiting and what payment accounts are being used to make sure you make a secure transaction, especially during the holiday shopping season.

Because we are still dealing with some items still in short supply due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Better Business Bureau is warning of purchasing them without doing your homework. They say that you should make sure that you research the website you are shopping from. Just because they claim to have the item, does not mean it's a worthy site.

Research done by the Better Business Bureau found that six out of ten internet shoppers that lost money due to scams online because they wanted a product that only that site had and didn't notice it was a scam site. Plus many consumers are not using credit cards with protection but instead using payment services like Venmo, Paypal, and others. You are urged to use these types of payment accounts with friends and family, not online retailers.

The Better Business Bureau is once again reminding online shoppers to do their research and their homework. Take a serious look at the websites you are shopping through and if you haven't been able to find a certain item on reputable sites, and find it somewhere else, make sure you know that the site you found is not a scam site.

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