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Justin Moore Gives Chrissy Coaching Advice
Justin Moore is not only a superstar in country music, he also coaches both of his daughters' softball teams. I am embarking on coaching my son's little league team so I asked Justin for some coaching tips.
Youth Turkey Hunt This Weekend
This weekend, junior hunters have a chance to go turkey hunting before the season officially begins. There are a few rules and guidelines to follow to enjoy the weekend turkey hunting.
Video Shows ATV's Dangerously Driven On Crowded Albany Street
Albany needs to do something about people illegally (and dangerously) riding their ATV's up and down certain heavily populated streets.  If the city doesn't address the situation soon, an innocent bystander is going to get seriously injured. I was able to capture part of their reckles…
Your Kid Could Be The Next "Mikey"
If you want your kid to be a star in a cereal commercial, this is their chance to shine. They are looking for kids to be the next "Mikey" in the next generation of Life cereal commercials.
Personal Wine "Juice" Boxes Now Available
It is now easier to be a wine drinker on the go. Forget those big bulky boxes or a full glass bottle of wine. Now available, wine in the "juice box" size. Plus they made them in all of the wines we love.