How awful. People trying to take advantage of other people during a pandemic. Well, it's happening and now there's another kind of virus to look out for.

Are you nervous about the coronavirus? Probably! I mean it's like every time we blink someone else around here has been infected. It's hard to keep track! That's why a tracking map seems like a great idea, right? You can keep your eyes on where people have been infected and hope to stay away from them and a positive diagnosis.

The only problem is that some awful people are taking advantage of your nervousness and have found a way to scam you out of who knows what with a computer virus. According to News10, the Erie County Sheriff's Office has been notified about a scam that could end up with malware on your computer.

The website "" is not an actual website that will track the virus, it will just end up with a virus on your computer. Do not click on it, do not share it, and keep your information safe. There actually is a legitimate map that you can follow: 

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