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Times Square New Year's Eve Going Virtual [Gallery]
Another iconic event is being altered this year because of the coronavirus pandemic. Mayor Bill Deblasio announced that this year there will be no celebration in Times Square. According to CBS New York, organizers are calling it a "virtually enhanced celebration".
Google Gives Free Help With Homeschooling
In these uncertain times, we are all open to free help especially when it comes to homeschooling. Google has stepped up in allowing tools for teachers and families to remotely teach our kids. Here are the details.
First Suspicious Seeds-Now Mysterious Masks
A couple of weeks ago, random people throughout the United States were getting suspicious seeds in the mail. The latest is an unsolicited package containing a face mask. Here's what to do if you receive one.
Fire Rages at Rachel Ray's Lake Luzerne Home
It is being reported that Rachel Ray's Lake Luzerne house in on fire and that firefighters are currently battling the blaze. Ray, the celebrity chef and talk show host grew up in Warren County and still has a home here in the Capital Region.  Here's the latest on what is being reporte…
Pup Rescued After Owner Left Him in 130 Degree Car
This story happened to take place in California, but it could happen anywhere especially here in the Northeast with our sweltering Summer heat peaking in late July and early August. This poor pup is lucky to be alive after his little helpless 'yelp' got the attention of a passerby who rescued it fro…
Woman Dies From Shark Attack in Maine
While many of us in Capital Region have decided against flying during the pandemic, states such as Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine offer beach respites that we crave at distances that are manageable to drive.  In what is believed to be the first ever shark fatality in the state of Maine, offic…

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