Be alert this holiday season while you are looking through Facebook, beware of these common holiday scams. Most of us have seen the "Secret Sister Gift Exchange" and the "Secret Wine Bottle Exchange" during the holiday season on Facebook. Well they are back this year too and they are spreading all over your Facebook feed.

Don't fall for the fun Secret Santa gift exchange. It is actually a pyramid scheme scam in disguise. Oh and it's illegal.

You can tell that they are a scam because they always follow the same pattern. The Facebook user will post a similar status (see above) they will tag dozens of friends asking for a minimum of six people to be a part of it. Friends who want to participate ate then asked to buy a bottle of wine or a gift valued at $15 or more and send it to a secret "santa". In return the sender is promised to receive anywhere from 6 to 36 bottles of wine.

Well guess what, chances are you won't get even one bottle back, but now the scammers have your home address and your money. Don't fall for these scams. Be careful while you are scanning Facebook.

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