I've always thought it was a little sketchy to just have the post office deliver a package to home and just leave that item on a porch, or even in the mail box. Sure, it's illegal to take someones mail and open it, but what is really stopping anyone? Not much.

So, it doesn't surprise me that these thieves got caught up in a porch package ring. Five people were arrested and face charges for stealing packages from city porches in Schenectady.

The robberies took place at the end of September and involved half a dozen homes where they would then route the goods to a vacant property on Avenue A.

Three were arrested last week, two 16 year olds (Satesh Itwaru and Shefeek Karim) and a 23 year old (Jonathan Ramnauth), each being charged with a felony of stolen property possession and misdemeanor petty larceny. Two others were arrested as well, but are juveniles and can not be named at this time.



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