Albany Sheriffs Looking for Person Who Shot Dog in Head
The Albany County Sheriff's Office released information on Wednesday about a dog they say was found in Berne and left for dead.  According to the authorities, the dog was left in a ditch to die after it had apparently been shot multiple times, including one to the head.
It's as heartbreaking as it it…
Dr. Fauci to Deliver RPI Commencement Speech
You can make the argument that no one man has been more visible, questioned,  outspoken and even controversial in the past year of the pandemic than the man widely considered to be the foremost expert.  on infectious diseases.
Dr. Anthony Fauci has been the masked face behind the pandemic and CDC gui…
Will ‘NY TOUGH’ Become ‘NY TOKES’ on 420?
In case you missed it on Tuesday morning, Love Cowboy wanted to talk about "420."
Here's what went down in the studio with Brian and Chrissy in the morning, on GNA.
Love Cowboy: Guys, I don't know if you all do anything on 420 but now that Cuomo's making weed legal, he wants people to start …
Capital Region Residents Make Extraordinary UFO Claims
A few weeks ago, while driving into the radio station on Friday morning April 2nd, at approximately 4:55 AM, I saw something in the sky over the Schenectady County Pine Bush. There were two bright lights, one in the upper east and and another upper west quadrant of the trapezoid-shaped object.  As I…
Vote Now: Name Schoharie’s Most Majestic Couple
Back in mid-February I learned about the soaring bald eagle population in Schoharie County and I started counting down the days until I'd be able to see these majestic, powerful and strikingly beautiful birds up close.
The article I wrote back in February was useful spreading the word about this very…
She Found Mr. Right When She Lowered Her Standards
Reilley in Clifton Park  writes:
This might come off as a big egotistical, but I'm just being truthful.  Something happened during this pandemic where I realized that at age 36, I really want to settle down.  I always had the hardest time in relationships because I found I was simply choosing the wro…
Found .22 Caliber Cartridge Leads to Shaker Emergency Dismissal
Students at Shaker High School in Latham were sent home early on Friday afternoon after a staff member found a .22 caliber cartridge on the floor in the high school. School superintendent D Joseph Corr said Colonie Police responded immediately and are currently investigating the matter.
Photos Show Extensive Damage to Clifton Park Bridge
While thankfully no one was injured this morning, all lanes southbound on the Northway near exits 9 and 8A in Clifton Park remain closed.  According to CBS 6 News, traffic is being diverted off exit 10 after a commercial vehicle hit the Sitterly Road bridge causing major backups and delays…
He’s Miffed That Girlfriend Accepted Over-the-Top Gift
Melissa in Saratoga Springs-
I have a sister that is 6 years older than I am.   I'm a teacher and she runs some tech company out in California and makes a ton of money compared to me.  Despite living on separate coasts, we're like best friends. I'm writing to you because her generosity is causing me …
Bennington Police Seize 27,000 Bags of Heroin in Massive Bust
Good work by the Bennington Police Department and K9 Gracie resulted in making sure that tens of thousands of bags of heroin and large quantities of crack cocaine did not make it to the streets.
Police in Bennington, Vermont responded to a call for "suspicious activity" on Monday evening an…

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