Local Shoplifter Spits at Security; Says She Has COVID-19
As if our local law enforcement doesn't have enough things to worry about, an absolute basket-case from Albany attempted to steal thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from a Wal-Mart.  When apprehended, she spit on a security officer and claimed to have the coronavirus.
Local Firefighters Doing Birthday Drivebys
If your child is celebrating a birthday he or she will probably miss out on all the fun with family and friends due to social distancing.  But one local fire department wants to help. Complete with lights and sirens, they'll roll right up to the birthday boy or birthday girl's house a…
Chrissy's Mom is Back-Paint & Sip For Him w/o Paint
My mom, Nancy, is going a bit stir-crazy like the rest of us being cooped up inside during the coronavirus outbreak. She loves to paint and equally likes to drink. She was going to do a "how-to" paint and sip video but decided to just do the sip. This time she stirs something up for him to…
April Hometown Hero Makes Miracles For Our Military
Melody is the Director of Veterans Miracle Center and when we called her to inform her that she was April's GNA Hometown Hero, she was incredibly grateful.   But she was also in the midst of doing a million things for our Veterans and active military so we kept it rather brief.   Please take a momen…
Some Stores Closed Easter Sunday For Employees
During the coronavirus outbreak, store employees have been working overtime to make sure customers can get what they need. Some stores will be closed on Easter Sunday to give those workers a break. Here's a list of those stores.
Fun Game to Boost Takeout in Troy
Here's a cool idea to increase takeout in the city of Troy. Someone came up with a bingo game so that you can get food from locations all over the city, win prizes, and support your local restaurants.
Quarantine Cowboy Handles Non-Distancing Daughter
Jack in Saratoga emailed the show hoping the Love Cowboy could help him out with a problem regarding his normally very responsible teenage daughter.  She's been sneaking off to hang out with her boyfriend and friends while she should be 'social distancing'.
Love Cowboy On Sleep Divorce Dilemma
Vanessa in Stillwater emailed the show about a situation developing between her and her husband that some have questioned, suggesting that it could lead to problems down the road: they sleep in separate beds. 'Sleep divorce' is quite common with some married couples but what does Love Cowb…
Chrissy Cheers on Family While Making Brownies
With all of this social distancing and my son, Ryan, not having any sports to cheer him on, I have resorted to everyday activities. Listen to this week's installment of Big League Chooch where I obnoxiously cheer on my family while making brownies.

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