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Surprise Tax Refund Coming to Some New Yorkers This Week
Chances are if you got your tax refund from the IRS it is already gone. But there is some hope to see a surprise tax refund that could be deposited in your bank account starting this week. This is because some taxpayers overpaid taxes on their unemployment compensation in 2020.
Wanna Sing to Luke Bryan? NY American Idol Auditions Soon
We have been spoiled for the last few years with very talented singers and musicians appearing on singing reality TV shows. Just recently it was Madison Vandenburg who made it to the top three on American Idol. What a fun ride that was to follow the Shaker High School student. Now it's your cha…
Not Cicadas-Thousands of These Insects Invading Cap Region
You may not even be able to see these insects crawling all over local trees in the Capital Region. It's not because they are tiny, it's because there are so many that they blend in with the color of the tree bark. It's only when you get up close that you notice the gypsy moth caterpil…
You Can Help Capital Region Restaurants With 'Tip-Off Challenge'
The restaurant industry in the Capital Region was hit hard by the pandemic and three counties have come up with a way for diners to support local restaurants and staff. It's called the "Tri-County Tip-Off Challenge" and if you are going out in the Capital Region all month long you can…
Give a Pint-Get a Pint-Save a Life With Stewart's
It has been a challenging last fifteen months, to say the least, and it has been especially hard to get blood donors here in the Capital Region. The American Red Cross and Stewart's Shops are teaming up once again to try and encourage blood donations with a sweet treat in return.
Perfect Capital Region Night to See Pink Moon
It's supermoon time again tonight. This will be one of only two supermoons this year. It is called the pink moon but it isn't because of the color of the moon, it's because of the flowers that bloom this time of year.
Is There a Fire in You? Become a Volunteer Firefighter
There is a need for volunteer firefighters across New York state. The 11th Annual RecruitNY campaign is going on now. The COVID-19 pandemic has hindered their volunteer campaign and enrollment has been down significantly in the past few years. But there has been an increase in fire calls. To meet de…
Tri-City ValleyCats Seeking Local Talent for Spring Season
I think every kid has a dream of playing professional baseball. Now is your chance to make your field of dreams come true. The Tri-City ValleyCats want players from the Capital Region to try out for the team. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grab your glove and bring your skills to The Jo…
Pump The Breaks-Construction on Mohawk-Hudson Bike Path
The weather is finally getting nicer which means we can get out and exercise. One of the best ways to do that is along the Mohawk Hudson Bike-Hike Trail. Be aware though if you are going to head out, there will be some sections that will be closed or under construction.
And Action...Capital Region Regal Cinemas Announce Opening Dates
Let's go to the movies. Finally, Capital Region Regal Cinemas announced when they will opening but with restrictions in place. I feel that when movie theaters reopen we are slowly creeping back to a bit of normalcy. Also, who doesn't love movie theater popcorn? We will not only be able to …

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