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Coronavirus Making Gas Prices Plummet?
It seems that the only thing anyone is talking about is the Coronavirus. There are many negative conversations swirling around the outbreak. Now there may be a silver lining in the decline of gas prices.
What "Reely" Is The Area's Best Seafood Restaurant?
I love seafood and was quite surprised to hear over the weekend that the Reel Seafood Company had closed its doors. Whether or not you loved it, you can't deny that it was a Wolf Road staple for nearly 40 years and one of the few places in the area that was a real, genuine seafood restaurant.  As ne…
Finally, The Weather Gods Threw Us A Freakin' Bone
How about this weather, huh?  Albany's Washington Park was filled with runners, couples walking, families going for strolls and it felt like late April on January 11th.  People were wearing shorts, t-shirts, and at most hoodies. The sudden warm trend we're experiencing this weekend may only last a c…

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