Bow Tie Cinemas Undone in Wilton
I can't tell you the last time I have been to a movie theatre. I know we are all itching to do some of the normal things like catching a blockbuster movie in an actual theater but there is one theater that, even if they were allowed to show movies, has taken down their signs.
MiSci Getting 'Hands-on' Over Winter Break
I used to love science class because it was always hands-on or we would do some really cool in-person experiments. MiSci is holding winter break sessions that are aimed at keeping kids interested in science with a little bit of each kind of learning. They are even setting up at-home kits for the kid…
Bowtie Cinemas Reopen This Week With New Movies
The movie theater industry had been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Theaters have been closed for a long period of time and now a couple of local Bowtie Theaters are planning to reopen this week. Here are the details and safety protocols that will be in place
’81 Schenectady Had Its Own Schweeet Board Game [Pics]
The year was 1981.  Gas prices were $1.30, a man's knit suit was $80, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was new in theatres, a 19" color TV was $400, kids played with Monchichi Dolls, and the Skedoodle.  But when it was time to have "family time" there was no greater thing to do tha…

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