BEWARE: PayPal Scam
There is another scam out there and this time it is actually working. Hackers are using Pay Pal to scam online users.
Multiple Cows Vanish From Local Farm
5 of his cows vanished in thin air and a local farmer is asking for any help locating his prized posessions. Roxy, the most valuable of them all is a  Guernsey and worth nearly $20,000. But to it's owner John Violette, of Monument View Farms, she is a priceless member of the family.  On Saturday, he…
Card Skimmer Found at Local Banks: How to Spot Them
Card skimmers are pieces of equipment that people usually put on ATMs or anywhere you slide your card in to pay or get money to steal your credit card information and possibly your pin. The worst part? They're hard to spot and one was found locally.
Help! Halloween Decoration Stolen
A family in the Country Knolls neighborhood in Clifton Park is so upset that someone had the nerve to come onto their lawn and steal one of their most loved Halloween decorations. They are hoping that getting the word out will help bring it home.
Elderly Niskayuna Woman Robbed During Funeral
Imagine attending a funeral of a loved one only to return to that person's house to find it had been broken into and robbed.  An elderly Niskayuna woman, who recently passed away, had her house violated by despicable thieves who walked into her home during broad daylight stealing valuables…

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