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GameStop Closing Hundreds Of Stores
It looks as if the latest store that will be affected by online shopping is GameStop. The retailer says that they will be closing nearly two hundred stores by the end of the year.
I Love Fall Too, It's The _____ I Hate
I love fall too, it's what comes after that I really don't like.  I've alway said that if fall is the great appetizer, winter is the worst meal you've ever had.  You always leave the restaurant disappointed after you get a bad steak, even if the shrimp cocktail was fabulous.
Here's a list of things t…
The Young Man With The Cardboard Sign
A young man sat on the corner of Lark street in Albany today holding a hand-written sign on a tattered piece of cardboard that read 'Kindness Appreciated'.  Beggars are everywhere in Albany these days, but this was an unfamiliar sight.  He was in a place where no one sits; a relatively quiet area, p…

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