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Free Beer For Aliens At Area 51
Since there was a Facebook event posted to "storm Area 51", the internet has been crazy with ideas of what is hidden on the government compound. Now a beer company is offering free suds to aliens if they get out.
Justin in Rotterdam emailed the show because after two years he broke up with a girl who he actually really liked.  But there was something about her that just made him feel like she wasn't marriage material, and he ended it.  Fearing that he might regret his decision, he called on th…
Submit Your "Git Up" Dance To Be In Our Video
Finally, country music has it's own unique participation dance song a la the likes of the "Cha-Cha Slide", "Electric Slide", and dare I say "The Macarena".   It's called "The Git Up" by Blanco Brown and you may have seen or heard about it recently and it's bus…
Fawn in Rotterdam emailed the show once package after package arrived to her house for her spend-happy hubby who went on an Amazon Prime Deal spending spree.  She says his binge was so out of control, that he spent thousands more than they could afford. Love Cowboy plopped down a package in the…
Body Of 20-Year-Old Pulled From Hudson River
Imagine you're walking along the river banks of the Hudson and see something that looks like it could be a body. Usually, it turns out to be a loose article of clothing or a tree branch, but in this case, it was in fact the body of a deceased man.  Police responded to a call Wednesday afternoon from…
UPDATE: Cat Who Suffered Burns Rapidly On The Mend
A Facebook post by the Saratoga County Animal Shelter updated the condition of 'Soldier' the cat who was found last week with apparent burns on his face.  Over the course of a few days at the shelter the cat's condition has rapidly improved!

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