Have you ever had a surprise party sprung on you?  Have you ever been SO shocked that you turned literally grey (greyer than my hair?) This happened this weekend as my wonderful wife and amazing friends pulled the ultimate surprise on me. 

It happened at the Mill Road  Acres golf course in Latham this past weekend.  Making a long story as short as possible, Dorrie had planned a small dinner party with friends for me there on Saturday nite.  I knew that was coming. I was blindsided by the rest

Here's the audio if you don't want to read my long winded writing.


Screen Shot Mill Road Acres
from website www.millroadacres.com   I thought I'd give them a plug because they did a great job.

I show up there, and low and behold, I see our great friends Ruth and Mike, Debbie and Bruce and Linda and George meeting us at the front door.  They cleverly diverted me toward the basement, saying that the main dining room was completely full.

That should have been my first clue, but as I lead them down the stairs, I saw a familiar face.  Brother Lou Roberts  He was dee jaying . " SURPRIIIISSSSE!!"  I think my mother's face was the second.  Many of my family came (some from fairly far away places, like southern New Jersey).

birthday banner

 Piano sign with my lovely and talented niece, Jessica, her adorable baby Audrey and equally lovely and talented and adorable sister-in-law, Karen


I went to the bar to get a drink.  About a 1/2 hour into the event, Dorrie hands me the phone, telling me that "you have a long distance phone call".  Well I thought I would know right away who this was, at least point, saying to myself  " It has to either be Dorrie's brother Chris or our very close friends  Kelly and Glenn from England".  It was the latter.  I was thrilled (Chris texted later on and I was thrilled too, don't get me wrong) .  But back to the story.

Little did I know as I was talking to them on the phone that they were hiding outside behind a golf cart!

I literally turned gray according to reports.  That's not good for a person my age, which happens to be 60.  (OMG - how did that happen?)

I also got fabulous musical themed gifts that I will show you in another article.

In this seemingly hate filled world, I can tell you from experience there's still a lot of love to go around and it's so amazing to be surrounded by it.  Thanks to all who made this milestone birthday one I'll never forget.  (and I'm at an age where I'm forgetting a lot! )

birthday banner
photo by Mike Schulman




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