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Move to Aruba for a Workcation
If you are dreading the colder weather and want to get away from the restrictions of the pandemic, you may be able to go to paradise to work. Here are the details on how you can work in beautiful Aruba.
Grown Men Wearing NFL Jerseys? Love Cowboy Weighs in [AUDIO]
The Love Cowboy comes on with Brian and Chrissy each weekday morning to help out a listener with relationship advice. He covers all sorts of topics and dilemmas whether it's a family disagreement, or between a husband and wife, boyfriend girlfriend, and even quarrels amongst friends.
95 Million Dollar Powerball Ticket Sold in Saratoga County
This is beyond amazing and I made sure to read the headline multiple times because this is not the kind of thing you want to mess up.  According to the New York Lottery, a ticket was sold in Saratoga County for Wednesday's Powerball lottery and the jackpot is a whopping $94.8 million.
Paul Rudd & "Homie" Cuomo Create Viral Mask Video
Paul Rudd is funny, but this PSA style video of him pretending to be a super hip, young person urging college-aged kids to wear a mask, kind of isn't.   Maybe it's because I'm slighty older than the target demographic it's attempting to reach and had to Google search some of the terms Rudd uses to m…
NY Hunting and Trapping Licenses Record Sales
Many New Yorkers have been taking advantage of getting outside and enjoying the outdoors and the Adirondacks. The proof is in the record number of hunting and fishing licenses and permits that have been purchased for the season.
Why Chrissy's Summer of 2020 Was The Best Yet [PICS]
The summer of 2020 was definitely different for everyone. But I feel as if this was our best summer ever. We reconnected with each other and nature and disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the season. We explored new places that were right in our backyard and spent quality time with family. I …
Could Snow Days No Longer Exist?
Snow days could be a thing of the past. There is a program that is being tested that may never allow for a snow day again and you guessed it, it's all because of the pandemic.
Pre-Order Your Whiskey Advent Calendar Now
We all agree that we can't wait for 2020 to end. That means that the holidays will be here before you know it. In anticipation of Christmas, there is a must-have advent calendar containing whiskey that you can pre-order now.

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