It's our very own Bethany's birthday today, and that quickly became the subject of this week's Write A Song Wednesday.

She's been with us for over a year now, and an awesome addition.  It's tough breaking in to the "men's locker room" that was our show for so long.  We definitely needed the female perspective (hey, I can only cover that role  for so long)

The words that had to be included in the song were:

FABULOUS, BUBBLY, BLUNT, GREGARIOUS, and OPINIONATED.  The style that Bethany chose for me to use was something that sounds something like the New Kids On The Block.  Sorry - I don't have a lot of their albums.  I had to fake this the best I could in the time allotted (one hour).  Here's what I came up with.


Some folks say she's fabulous

Others say gregarious

it's not bad to be up front

She's Bethany and she's real blunt

She's tough she's tough

she's bubbly that's times 3

Three times as bubbly as Sean and me

Getting up this early can be rough

She's a mother and a wife

and she puts up with us

She's tough she's tough

No need to repeat it's already been stated

She admits she's opinionated

Moving from Florida, you gotta be sick

You're still young but it'll make you old quick







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