In a way I consider this kind of self-serving by putting this up, but I do it only to show my incredible appreciation for my coworkers (and to you folks as well).  Here is the little party they threw me at the studio this morning.

Yes, I will admit - I turned 61 years old today, which is very, very weird to even say, but it is true.  And of course I got the whole array of gag gifts from Bethany and Sean because of it- hemorrhoid cream, pills for your back, deep heating menthol rub - you know the drill.  It's always good for a laugh and they certainly got it from me!  But that's not all!

Richie birthday party bethanyBethany plastered the walls of WGNA's studio with balloons, banners - the works!  I was dumbfounded when I walked into the room  And her very cute daughter Madeline personally autographed a balloon as well!  Awesome!

I was also given 2 lottery tickets. (You're out of luck, listeners - I didn't win anything - I'll be back tomorrow!!), 2 cakes- the works.    I couldn't believe all of this.

But there's more!  I got a parody written for ME by Producer Dave - a talented geeetar player and singer, BTW.  Here's a little excerpt of that at the end of this video

And if that weren't enough, I opened up my email last nite, and this is what I saw - a special message from a HUGE supporter of the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour- Mrs. Pink and her awesome class at Jefferson Elementary.  I actually teared up over that one!

Jefferson Elementary Happy Birthday
photo by Jamie Pink

Hey, this is a tough thankless job, but somebody's gotta do it…   (yea, right - I have to keep reminding myself just how lucky I am to have all these fine folks in my life - and that includes YOU out there in listener-land).    Thank you all!  Now time to take the Metamucil and go to bed.   LOL

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