I've been trying really hard to collect piano knick knacks over the years.  I have bits and pieces here and there at home, but my party plannin' machine, Dorrie found the mother load for my birthday.

I decided to do a little video to show you all of this stuff. It's hysterical.  (pardon my appearance - I'm still dazed and confused after an amazing surprise party that Dorrie threw for me with help from friends too numerous to mention - see other article for comments.

Here are just SOME of the presents-

This whole event floored me.  I'm still trying to get over it.  I got many many more presents ,and I want to say thanks to each and every friend and relative who was there.  I got gift cards, Beatle coffee table books, plus the usual "your old" cards, but very few "your old " gag gifts, surprisingly.  It seemed that everyone personalized what they gave, including great friends Mila and Alex who made a personal picture book of trips that we've taken together.  Love that stuff.

Again, I thank one and all for coming here in this article.  That way I don't have to spend money on cards.    JOKE!!!

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