I just had to do this.  It's rare when you get "bombarded" on Facebook.  In fact I can't say I've ever had this happen before.  I'm trying to write back to you all, but in case I missed a few-

How can I thank you enough for your good wishes?  It's a little bit mind boggling that you would take time out to do that.  I mean, hell -we all have birthdays.  What's the big deal!

Sean and Levack surprised me with a cake on the air .Here's a picture

richie's cake

You never let up on the "old" jokes, huh guys?  Oh well, I forgive you.  it was the thought that counted.   They also chipped in and bought me 4 Scratch off Lottery tickets

photo lottery tickets

A total of 48 numbers to scratch off.  You think one of them would have created a new instant millionaire.  No dice.

Doesn't matter though.  I felt very lucky today simply from all the well-wishers amongst you.  Thanks so much.  Now I have to go for my nap (it's an age thing).  Anybody else out there as old as me? (I'm now 59).  Probably not, but if you have any suggestions on how to cope with that number, please leave your comments.  I still can't believe it.


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