Wow, here was another dilemma that I didn't know was so important to the people it applies to. I guess I understand how one could feel overlooked a bit if they share their birthday with Jesus. I just don't understand the difference between one gift worth say, $100 or two gifts worth $50 each. Then again this is why we share the dilemmas with all of you so we can get the perspective of lots of different people.

Holiday Shopping Season

Let's see what our listener wrote in: "I just started dating someone. The catch is, their birthday is on Christmas. Since our relationship is new, I was just planning on giving one gift. I don't want to seem too serious by giving him anything over the top, but I feel like I should give him something for his birthday. I know he'll probably get me something small for Christmas. Do you give someone a birthday and Christmas gift if they're on the same day?"

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Here is what the callers had to say about today's dilemma: 

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