Here Is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, rabble
flickr User, rabble

My husband and I separated about nine months ago. He is with a woman who he had been cheating in me with for about two years. Once we separated she move right in with him and everything to them seems great as in their minds they've been together for years. Needless to say she and I don't get along. Here's the problem. Our son is having a birthday next month and my ex and I get along enough that we want to do a combined birthday party. But my ex is furious because I am insisting his "girlfriend" not attend. I feel it's way too soon and there's still so much hurt their actions have not only caused me, but our entire family. I know my grandmother would have a stroke if this woman were to walk into the party. I've plead with my ex that its not about us and our son needs to be first. So his answer is, well our son is used to her, get over it. I don't want to let my little boy down by not having the party he wants with his family together but I don't think it's appropriate for this woman to attend. Help!!!

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