My mom celebrated a milestone birthday this month. She turned 75 and wanted to highlight everyone celebrating a birthday in May. She decided to do another paint and sip episode (without the paint) of a drink for those celebrating May birthdays. During the lockdown, my mom has been trying to keep herself busy by mixing a drink and putting it up on YouTube. So far she has made Fuzzy and Harry Navels, Bocce Balls, Chocolate Cherry Martinis, Screwdrivers, the Godmother, and The Godfather just to name a few.

This time she looked up that the Mai Tai is the drink of May. So in honor of all of the May birthdays, including her own, she decided to show us how to make a Mai Tai. During the video, my mom realizes that her drink glass isn't quite big enough so she makes sure she switches it up.

Check out my mom's latest concoction for May birthdays. The Mai Tai.

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