With temperatures soaring into the 90's by Sunday, it seems like Summer may officially be here before the actual "official" date. Personally, I'm so ready for it! After all of the rain and all of the on-again, off-again temperature changes that make the Ross/Rachel relationship of Friends in the early 2000's seem pretty steady, I'm desperate for the heat!

Now that we are looking at a stretch of beautiful weather, starting with this weekend, it's time to get out and enjoy what the Capital Region has to offer. Are you as ready as I am?!

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  • The Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain - We couldn't have a better weekend to enjoy 3-days straight of country music from Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert, Sam Hunt and more. Find more information here.
  • The Malta Drive-In/Jericho Drive-In - You have your choice of blockbusters to check out this weekend including, Wonder Woman, Baywatch, Pirates of the Caribbean, Alien, The Mummy and more! Find showings for Malta or Jericho.
  • Six Flags Great Escape - It's officially open for the season and the best time to go and truly enjoy what it has to offer is on a weekend like we have coming up. The coasters, the water slides, the non-stop family fun! See what they've got going on.
  • Ice Cream!!! - I would give you a specific place, but there are so many walk up spots! Some personal favorites: Rainbow Delight, Country Drive-In, Guptills and Jumpin' Jacks!
  • The Crossings/Washington Park/Collins Park/Insert Other Parks Here - Make a picnic, bring a soccer ball, let the kids run and just enjoy the beautiful sunshine in the park!

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