I Love Fall Too, It's The _____ I Hate
I love fall too, it's what comes after that I really don't like.  I've alway said that if fall is the great appetizer, winter is the worst meal you've ever had.  You always leave the restaurant disappointed after you get a bad steak, even if the shrimp cocktail was fabulous.
Here's a list of things t…
Thousands Of Pounds Of Beef Recalled
Make sure you check your steaks if you are planning on cooking on the grill anytime soon. Thousands of pounds of beef has been recalled and deemed "unfit for human consumption".
Popular 'Late-Night' Restaurant Moving To Lark Street
Without any fanfare and barely any notice, a popular late-night calzone restaurant has closed down it's only Albany location and re-opening up on Lark Street.  The process is happening quite quickly and it appears as though they're on track to open up on Lark this Friday.

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