Local Orchard Grows Long List of Prohibited Pickers
I remember last September writing about a local orchard that wasn't messing around when it came to people jacking their apples, pilfering their fruit and mooching their macs.  Jake Samascott is a 4th generation farmer at Samascott Orchards in Kinderhook and  according to the repo…
Fireball Eggnog Available For Holidays
I know that Halloween is still over a month away, but it looks like there is delicious eggnog coming our way just in time for the holiday season. It will be available at your local Walmart for everyone to enjoy.
A Proposal Idea That's A Sure Wiener
When you are thinking of popping the question, many people try to think outside the box. In this case, you can now think outside the bun. Here is a very creative and different way to propose. Would you do it this way?
Win Your Very Own Candy Factory
If you have ever dreamed that the movie Willy Wonka was real life then this is your chance to make your dreams come true. There is a candy company that is giving away one of their candy factories. Here's how to win.

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