Top 10 List: It’s So Hot In The Capital Region
Plain and simple, this heatwave has been brutal!  But rather than complain about it, we decided to take it all in stride and have a little fun with it.  Here are the Top 10 'It's So Hot Jokes' Capital Region edition.
#ImNoAngel Takes Over the Internet [Watch]
Lane Bryant is taking over the internet with their stunning ad campaign, #ImNoAngel!
The plus-size brand launched its #ImNoAngel advertisements yesterday.  The photos and videos feature models Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Candice Huffine and more...
Miranda and Carrie
No one was cheering for Miranda and Carrie as much as I was!  We need as many hits by female artists as we can get right now!  So I was on the edge of my seat last night when they sang their duet together on the Billboard Music Awards.