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Watch Chrissy's Son Interview Walker Hayes
A few weeks back, my son, Ryan, traveled with me to the Taste of Country Music Festival to do some "catching up" with Walker Hayes. He came up with all of the questions himself and asked just about everything. Watch the full video interview.
Have 'Proof' Of Paranormal Activity? Let Our Experts Take A Look
This is one of our favorite times of the year.  Who doesn't like talking about orbs, silhouettes, and creeky noises from the stairwell? Many people claim to have experienced some sot of 'paranormal activity' but we wanna see some photos and maybe even videos.  We want your s…
Devin Dawson Has Ties To The Capital Region
At The Taste of Country Music Festival Chrissy got a chance to catch up with Devin Dawson. He has some ties to the Capital Region and she discussed one major landmark he has never been but wants Chrissy to show him the ropes.
Sam Hunt Tells WGNA That Other Interests Won't Stop His Music
Sam Hunt has experienced quite a bit in the past year or so.  Tremendous success, countless hits, awards, marriage, talk of babies, and naturally, the discussion of varied interests.  While it may have been reported recently that Sam Hunt was preoccupied with ventures outside of music that…

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