I've been to plenty of fairs in my day. I like to gravitates towards the food on a stick section. There's just something about grilled meat on a stick that is so delicious. Of course, I also have to head towards the fried food as well. It's a fair. You have to indulge. So, when I went to the Saratoga County Fair on Wednesday night, I did just that.

No, I didn't get any meat on a stick this go around. My tummy knew what it wanted and it was the first thing I saw. What's funny about it, last year someone told me it was a "must" when I asked about fair food, but I searched and searched and couldn't find it. Then, there it was: Deep Fried PB&J!

saratoga fair credit Marissa

I wasn't scared to tried it, I mean, I like peanut butter, I like jelly, I'm Italian so of course I like bread. So I went in with the "let's do this!" mentality. I went over to the food truck only to be surprised with a second option: Peanut Butter Banana and Fluff.

saratoga fair 3 credit Marissa

I believe my exact words were, "SHUT. UP." Sign me up, please.

I waited patiently as they created my concoction and then there it was. The glorious creation was all mine to consume. I shared because I'm a good girl and I videoed myself and my friend, Dave trying them out for the first time. See the video below!

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