Kristi From TU Gets Dogged By GNA [Video]
Full disclosure here:  If anyone did the "dogging" on the GNA morning show, it was definitely me as Chrissy is way too much of a saint to call out Kristi Gustafson Bartlette from the Times Union.  But the truth is, Kristi deserved some good-natured ribbing as a resul…
Paul Rudd & "Homie" Cuomo Create Viral Mask Video
Paul Rudd is funny, but this PSA style video of him pretending to be a super hip, young person urging college-aged kids to wear a mask, kind of isn't.   Maybe it's because I'm slighty older than the target demographic it's attempting to reach and had to Google search some of the terms Rudd uses to m…
Local Superfans Initiate Newborn Into Bills Mafia [Watch]
A newborn baby girl was initiated into Bills Mafia in Saratoga Springs on Sunday in one of the cutest things you'll ever see.  Family and friends appear to be gathered at the home of Katee Mcmaster, while her husband performs the adorable honors...
Star-Studded TV Series to Shoot in Schenectady
Tina Fey, Anne Hathaway, and Andy Garcia shooting a television series in Schenectady?  The Electric City is no stranger to big crews, big production and big stars, and a star laced Amazon Prime Video series appears to have chosen Schenectady as their main shooting location.
Watch Chrissy's Mom do The Wooden Spoon Experiment
There was an online video circulating that showed how you can see just what still lingers inside wooden spoons even when you run them through the dishwasher. My mom utilizes the wooden spoon in many ways. Watch what happens when she puts her own wooden spoons to the test.
Over the Hill: Senior Man Cliff Dives the Catskills
This is incredible.  This old-timer has the heart of a lion and he's showing these Gen Z'ers how it's done.   Watch as a 73-year-old man jumps off a deadly cliff in the Catskill Mountains as a raucous group of (much younger) thrill-seekers cheer him on in utter amazemen…

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