Zahn Admits to GNA that Colleagues Were ‘Shocked’
We all were thrown for a loop when longtime News Channel 13 anchor Benita Zahn announced that she was leaving the news station at the end of May.  The local TV legend was gracious enough to talk to Brian and Chrissy on Wednesday morning about the news she was making, not the news she was breaki…
Heavy Winds Cause Tree to Smash Glenville Home
A Glenville family is lucky that no one was hurt when high winds caused a tree to fall on their home Friday afternoon, smashing their garage to bits, burying their vehicle, and leaving the homeowners with little options without a place to stay or a car to drive.
Albany Trash-Talker Goes Viral on TikTok [VIDEO]
If there's one thing I learned it's that when it comes to the Capital Region, people are going to  have their jokes.  It personally doesn't offend me. I grew up in this area and I live and love it, and if you have something funny to say about my hometown, life's too short - let's have a laugh. That'…
Meet the Albany Native Who Co-Wrote Two of Luke Combs’ Biggest Hits
You know each and every word to his chart-topping songs, but probably not his name.  You know the melody, the hook and the chorus of the smash hits he's helped pen, but most likely have never heard him sing.  An Albany native is becoming one of country music's most unsung stars after co-writing four…
Wonder if Cuomo Watched Sexual Harassment Prevention Vids
"Every employer in New York State is required to provide employees with sexual harassment prevention training.'   
That is one of the very first things you'll see in a  portion of the NY.Gov website that deals specifically with sexual harassment in the workplace…
Retiring Saratoga Officer Responds to Final Call [VIDEO]
I can only imagine what was going through this officer's mind as he listened to a radio call congratulating him on his retirement.  I got choked up watching this Saratoga Springs Police Officer keep it all together while he got one final call over the radio.
My Big Fat Greek Pandemic Shopping Experience (Video)
I have two very good friends with elderly parents and wisely, these folks are not spending much time outside of their house during the pandemic.  They're a close, wonderful, Greek family, but this COVID-19 stuff hasn't been easy on them.  One of the sons lives in Boston and the other lives in L.A.  …
5 Unforgettable Country Christmas Traditions
Just like you, country music's biggest stars look forward to visiting with family, eating and maybe bickering across the table this Christmas. They carry on traditions that are heartfelt, funny, strange and flat-out unforgettable.

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