Capital Region Sky Will be Full of Shooting Stars Tonight
The Perseid Meteor Shower began on July 25th but its peak will be tonight. Summer weather makes it a nice night to look up at the Capital Region sky and see tons of shooting stars. I say you grab a blanket and your sweetheart, find a cozy place on the grass away from city lights and watch the show. …
Movie Theaters Set To Open This Month
The coronavirus pandemic has not allowed us to enjoy the movies in the theaters. The movie theater companies are outlining plans to be back open sometime this month. There will be many changes but it will be nice to have the movie theater experience again.
Man Leaves Creepy Message On Little Girl’s Watch
Imagine purchasing a watch for your young child as a safety precaution, only to find that it's being used by creepers to lure your child into cars and other dangerous situations. It happened, and the mom who bought the watch for her daughter is warning other parents who may have purchased one a…
Dream Job Alert: Just Watch TV
There are jobs popping up lately that will pay you to be lazy. This one, though, takes the cake and I have to admit, it's my dream job. You can get paid to just watch TV.
Consumer Safety Reveals Worst Toys List
Every year a consumer safety group comes out with their annual list of worst toys for the holiday season. The "worst" tag tends to lend itself to unsafe and harmful to kids. See if your kids' toys made the list.
I Tried This Deep Fried Food at the Saratoga County Fair [WATCH]
I've been to plenty of fairs in my day. I like to gravitates towards the food on a stick section. There's just something about grilled meat on a stick that is so delicious. Of course, I also have to head towards the fried food as well. It's a fair. You have to indulge. So, when I went…
I Got Creative In Thawing My Turkey [WATCH]
Since moving into my house, I've pretty much annually thrown a "Friendsgiving" - long before people were using the term, by the way, which makes me feel like I lost out on a fortune. Any way, with that being said, yesterday was my latest installment of the Marissa-made-holiday…

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