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$24K Take 5 Winner in Saratoga County-So Close But Wasn't Me
The Capital Region has been a hotbed lately for New York Lottery's Take 5 winners. The latest winner comes from Saratoga County and I am convinced that it's just a matter of time until I am cashing in a Take 5 winning ticket. I have to admit I was a bit bummed it wasn't me when I foun…
Thousands of Jobs Coming to Saratoga County
Thousands of jobs are coming to Saratoga County because there are plans to build another semi-conductor fabrication plant in Malta. GlobalFoundries announced that it will begin building the plant at its Fab 8 campus. This project will bring thousands of jobs with the construction and infrastructure …
Halfmoon Trader Joe's Expected Before End of Year
It seems as if they have been building the new Trader Joe's in Halfmoon for a very long time. Well, now we have word that Trader Joe's will be opening up before the end of the year. It will be nice to not have to drive down to Wolf Road to get the great items from one of our favorite groce…
$60,000 Take 5 Winner in Saratoga County
There is another lucky Take 5 winner in the Capital Region. This time in Saratoga County. I play Take 5 regularly now because it seems that there are more winners every day in this particular game in our area. I also live in Saratoga County now and I believe the winning ticket will be mine soon afte…
Saratoga County Cumby’s Sold 60K Take 5 Ticket
The Capital Region has had our fair share of big payout Take 5 winners in recent months, and another jackpot winner popped on Thursday night and it was sold in Saratoga County.   So check your Take 5 lottery ticket, you might be be sitting on some pretty serious money right now, and not even know it…
GlobalFoundries Find Permanent Home in Malta
There is another boost coming to Saratoga County. GlobalFoundries has decided that it will be officially moving its main headquarters from the west coast to Malta, NY. This is a huge win, not only for Malta but for Saratoga County and all of New York state.
It's Official -Trader Joe's Coming to Halfmoon
It is finally official. There will be a second Trader Joe's location in the Capital Region in Halfmoon. We have been speculating that one would be built in Saratoga County and we have now got confirmation that the construction that is going on in the area off of Route 9 behind the Red Robin is …
For Sportsplex of Halfmoon Game Over
There is another casualty to the coronavirus pandemic. This time it's a beloved indoor sports venue in Saratoga County. The Sportsplex of Halfmoon has officially closed its doors forever.
$55,000 Lottery Winner in Saratoga County
With the MegaMillions and the PowerBall jackpots each over seven hundred million dollars, it's easy to lose sight of the small jackpots that it seems Capital Region residents are cashing in on. This time fifty-five thousand dollars.
2500 New Jobs Coming to Saratoga County Soon
The coronavirus pandemic has put many people out of work. There is a proposal in Saratoga County that could bring in a big facility that could hire up to twenty-five hundred people in the Capital Region.

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