Local Subway Shops May Do Away With Popular Item
A good price point, a solid sandwich and a legendary jingle isn't enough to save a 12 inch sandwich according to a Subway CEO.  Starting this month, Subway restaurant owners will have the option to do away with the 5 Dollar Footlong.
The McRib Is Back
I am not the one to ask, but apparently the McRib is back and people are losing their minds. McDonald's across the country announced that they are bringing back the popular boneless pork sandwich. It is already available in many locations in New York.
I Tried This Deep Fried Food at the Saratoga County Fair [WATCH]
I've been to plenty of fairs in my day. I like to gravitates towards the food on a stick section. There's just something about grilled meat on a stick that is so delicious. Of course, I also have to head towards the fried food as well. It's a fair. You have to indulge. So, when I went…