Ever been to Galway?  I have several times for the Readin', Writin', and Rhymin' program.  Nice place!  It has everything you'd need!  Well, everything except a theme song!  I'm here to help, but I could use your assistance too!

Galway NY


Galway is a nice village (town, hamlet-which is it?) in Saratoga County.  According to Wikipedia, it had a population of a little more than 200 in the 2000 census!   So what?  I don't care if it's a city like Albany, or a "one horse town", I think everyone needs a catchy little jingle to advertise their town.  Hopefully I can make this one a "toe tapper" so you'll remember this quaint little place.  But I need some information!


.What does your town have going for it?

.Do you have a Mayor?  What's his/her name?

. Funny stories about the town?  Trivia?

. Send me photos too at Richie@wgna.com

. Send me links to local businesses!



Here are some samples of past "Your Town Thursday" songs

Leave these and other comments below and I will get to work for next Thursday 's debut!  Thanks in advance!

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