Some local High School students are doing a great thing this fall, and you can help.

Did you know that 82,260 people in the Capital Region are 'food insecure?' According to the Food Pantries for the Capital District the folks lack 'reliable access to a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. That is alot of people who could be wondering where there next meal will come from. That is where you come in.

We have an amazing group of high schools and students participating in the 3rd Annual High School Hunger Games to help feed those in need in our area. These are our neighbors, and it is especially important this time of year as we head into the colder months to help.

Now maybe you are thinking 'the high schools are doing this, can I really help?' Yes you can!  All you need to do is contact one of our participating schools to find out how you can donate some food. You will be helping the greater good by feeding the hungry, and helping one of the schools win a private concert from Chase Bryant! So you will be helping you neighbors, and support kids doing great work in your community.

Donate today!

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